March 2019


This month it’s all about bold global flavors. Enjoy Asian, Mexican, Moroccan, and Mediterranean in these delicious and versatile sauces and dressings.

Here is what to expect in your March Saucefly box:

  • Cucumber Mint Mojito – Fresh and refreshing, mix with rum or tequila for a ‘healthy’ cocktail, or use to make a wine spritzer or delicious non alcoholic beverage by adding mineral water.

  • Arugula Dipping Sauce – Serve this with blanched or raw vegetables, or as a dressing for a fresh mozzarella salad. Try your hand at a panzanella salad with chunky day old artisan bread, toasted with butter into crusty croutons, add roasted vegetables and toss together with this sauce.

  • Brava Sauce – My new favorite sauce! It is a salsa, but better. Make some easy empanadas, filled with sauteed mushrooms, or shredded chicken and cheese, and serve with room temp Brava Sauce. Try some crispy oven roasted potato chunks and pour Saucefly Brava Sauce on top, for a home version of patata bravas.

  • Here’s a recipe for Easy Empanada Dough:

    • 1 cup soft cream cheese
      1 cup soft unsalted butter
      2 cups white flour
      1/2 teaspoon salt

    • Blend together with your hands and roll out. Cut small biscuit-sized discs. Chill slightly, then roll out and use your empanada maker to fill. I suggest extra crimps on the edges.

  • Moroccan Salad Dressing – I use this dressing as a dipping sauce for chicken or tofu and serve with a big salad, and some curry couscous on the side.

  • Poblano Cream Sauce – This is a flavorful, slightly spicy version of an Alfredo sauce. Use with pasta, fish, or chicken, top with a generous portion of fresh parmesan.

  • Lemon-herb Ricotta – We suggest a nice beet salad with a generous dollop of our homemade ricotta, or make a special lasagna. *use this first, as shelf life is only 10 days

  • Sesame Teriyaki Sauce – Use this for a quick and easy stir fry using chicken or tofu and serve with some veggies over rice. Or marinate some chicken wings in it and bake them for a quick flavorful dinner.

  • Baja Coconuts Granola – Just munch on this as a tasty snack or put it on yogurt or oatmeal for a nutritious breakfast.

  • Organic Olive Oil – Use this as a flavorful finishing oil or in a salad dressing. Perhaps make a pot of bean soup and pour this on top, along with some chopped-up herbs, to chase off the last chill of winter.

  • Roasted and Toasted Chile Oil – This jar will last you a long time because a little goes a long way. With a flavorful punch of flavor with an underburn, this can be used in a lot of ways. Pour over some cream cheese and serve with crackers. Add a touch to soups or stirfries.

**If you have ANY questions about cooking, or need ideas on how to use your items because of different dietary restrictions, feel free to e-mail me:**