What is your shipping policy?

We deliver locally within the Eugene, Oregon city limits at no charge. Eugene residents receive a $15 discount per month on Saucefly boxes.

Shipping is included for all states west of the Colorado Rockies. East coast shipping has a flat rate of $25.


Saucefly does not ship international because the product is perishable.

What is the shelf life of Saucefly's fresh products?

Sara carefully plans each box so that you do not have a lot of items that quickly expire, so you have time to use and enjoy your sauces. It is up to the individual customer to decide how long they prefer to keep their products, but it is recommended that all fresh sauces and salsas be used within the first 10 days of delivery for the best taste and quality.

Can I order an individual box as a gift?

YES! Our subscription option gives you a discounted rate when you sign up for either the 6 boxes per year or 12 boxes per year delivery option. If you would prefer that we only send one box to a friend then the price will increase by $25.

Can we get Saucefly delivery twice a month?

While this isn’t an option right now, we
anticipate that it will be an option soon!

What is the Saucefly cancellation policy?

Cancellation is easy, although Saucefly does require 20 days notice to cancel. As an example, if you receive your box on the 7th of the month you have until the 17th to cancel next month’s order. Cancellations not within the 20 day limit will result in one final box being shipped before cancellation.

What if I want a Saucefly membership but the boxes include too much food for one person?

Saucefly allows you to change your shipping address for each order, so you can share with a friend or you may choose the ‘every other’ option which means that you are purchasing a 6 box membership and will receive boxes every other month.

What if I want to order an item that was in last month's box?

Saucefly will be offering product add-ons in the next few months. You can always try sending us an e-mail to see if we have any extras, however most of our sauces are made in small batches just for the monthly subscription box.