Ingredients are hand-picked, fair trade, GMO free, and 100% organic!


We'll deliver you a cold-packed box of unique culinary creations between the 14th and 16th of each month!


That's right. We'll ship you a box of culinary greatness for free! Live on the East Coast? Shipping is just a flat fee of $25.


Going out of town, or just need to skip a shipment? We deliver on your schedule! There are no contract commitments.

About Saucefly

Want that unique flare in your meals that only a gourmet chef can create? Then get Saucefly! Our in-house chef creates delicious sauces, snacks, dressings, cocktail mixers, sweets and other savory surprises, and sends them straight to your door in a chilled box for freshness. Ingredients are hand-picked, fair trade, GMO free, and 100% organic. It’s what makes our sauce so fly!

If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Saucefly will send you a shopping list a few days before your box arrives to prepare you for example recipes. Members can even tune into the latest blog video, and watch chef Sara use the current month’s sauces in real-life recipes.

Membership is limited, so subscribe now, and bring some delicious excitement to your meals with Saucefly!

About Chef Sara

Chef Sara Willis has been perfecting the art of creating deliciously paired condiments for over 25 years through 9 restaurants that spread throughout the US and Mexico.

Her first restaurant was opened in 1996 in San Jose del Cabo Mexico (Fandango) and a long list of fantastic food establishments seemed to follow her as she dropped the crisp breadcrumbs along the trail of her life. Red Agave, el Vaquero, Asado and Carmelita Spats were just a few of her restaurants. She has delivered dinners to the rich in love and the poor of judgement, from famous to infamous. Parties have been catered, fundraisers have blossomed and in the end everyone left for the night with a satiated palate and a certain craving for more.

Now, Sara spends her time hunting for the freshest ingredients in season from her favorite local organic vendors to prepare her newest culinary creations and share them with you!