What Saucefly is all about…

Saucefly is a subscription service that makes creating restaurant style meals in your home, quick and easy. We source local and organic ingredients and spend the time creating the sauce, marinade, dressing, rub, sweets, salsas so that you can spend more time doing the things, that you do.

Our customers enjoy picking out their meats at the butcher, fish from the monger and fresh vegetables from the farmers market (when possible). We think this is an important part of staying connected to your food.

Each month Saucefly packs up 10-12 items in a cold box and ships them all over the country. In this box we provide you with a list of ideas to help make the sauces come to life, along with a few recipes to help you get started.

The subscription service is offered 6x a year or every month 12x a year. The sauce in the box is generally considered enough to season up a meal for 4 people, but we have many clients with more or less in their household. Many people use the dressings and marinades for a base when whipping up a quick dinner because our sauces already are packed with organic flavor, so just a spoon full works great too!

Each box contains 10-12 organic items here are some examples:

  • Always an organic cocktail mixer - cucumber mint mojito

  • Something with some spice - roasted tomatillo salsa

  • Lasts a long time, makes your life easy - verde marinade

  • Something sweet - mexican wedding cookies made with oregon hazelnuts

  • Local organic pesto

  • Keeping you healthy -ginger vinaigrette

  • Giving you inspiration -roasted red pepper veloute

  • A quick dinner - tortilla soup base

  • Fresh local pumpkin - ready to make the perfect pie

  • Tequila-lime sauce - all you do is take the fish of the grill


Chef and Owner, Sara Willis

Saucefly was created to fill a niche in chef/owner Sara Willis's life. She has been creating and running restaurants for the last 25 years and while food is her passion, the idea that using this method to create a business model and be able to spread the love, while enhancing the cooking experience inside the home, it just felt like the perfect combination.

Fandango restaurant — Sara started fandango restaurant in san jose del cabo in 1994, and learned most of what she still applies today in the creation of her fresh juice moxie mixer organic cocktail mixers offered via saucefly market, saucefly subscription and moxiemixers.Com

Red agave — Sara and her business partner Katie Brown (now of kbla clothing line) brought latin food and drink to the eugene dining scene back in 2001, redefining the locals take on mexican food with favorites like the chicken enchiladas la bandera (both sauces are available at the retail market and on-line), the red agave tamarind margarita, crab stuffed chiles with ranchero salsa just to name a few.

El vaquero — this was a fun and urban small plates and tapas restaurant, also located in eugene, oregon, here she continued to develop favorites and brought along the classic favorites from her first restaurant fandango, the ginger vinaigrette salad dressing (the fandango, available in market and online) the chile green beans (try saucefly's roasted and toasted chile oil to make yours at home).

Private chef - in mexico and aspen she has been catering for movie stars, famous athletes and thousands of other guests in a private home setting, birthday parties and large catered events and weddings.


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