Why Our Sauce is So Fly

Our chef sources 100% organic ingredients to create unique small batch sauces, snacks, dressings, cocktail mixers, sweets and other savory surprises! Each of our boxes includes 8-12 new culinary creations that are cold-packed and sent straight to your door every month. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Every item in your box comes equipped with at least one idea on how to best use it. Put on your chef hat, and get cooking!

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How Our Boxes Work:

Ingredients First

Our in-house chef handpicks local ingredients that are always fair trade, GMO free, and 100% organic. We only use the best for you!

Get Saucefly

Register for Saucefly, and we'll deliver you a cold-packed box of unique culinary creations between the 14th and 16th of each month!

Be a Chef!

With your fresh box of goodies, and the help of our videos and recipes, you're ready to dazzle in the kitchen.
Get cooking!

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Meet the Chef

Chef Sara Willis has been working her culinary magic for over 25 years with nine restaurants ranging across the United States and Mexico, as well as countless private catering events. Now, Chef Sara is bringing the exciting flavors that she has found through her experiences to you!

As the owner of Saucefly, Sara takes the same pride in the food she creates for her customers. She creates each Saucefly sauce, snack, and mixer as if she was cooking to impress her high end clients, or entertaining her own family.

Ready to Treat Your Tastebuds?

Full Box
  • The Full Saucefly Experience
  • 8-12 Hand Created Items Each Month
  • Free Shipping on the West Coast
Half Box
  • Get a Taste of Saucefly
  • 4-8 Hand Prepared Items Each Month
  • Free Shipping on the West Coast
Party Box
  • One-Time. No Subscription Required!
  • Appetizers & Drink Mixers to Feed a Crowd
  • Each Box Throws a Party for 15-20